Jasper and Noodles    
         Meet Santa!

Jasper and Noodles can't believe their luck!  They get to go to the mall with their human family to meet Santa!  On the way, Jasper sees a reindeer squeaky toy in the window of a dog toy store that he simply must have!  It is the perfect size for his mouth! It even lights up and makes music!  When it is his turn to get his picture taken with Santa, Jasper tells him his Christmas wish.  But Santa doesn't understand what Jasper is barking about.  And that's when the trouble begins. Jasper throws a dog fit in the middle of the mall, howling in frustration.  "I don't want a bone!  I want a reindeer squeaky toy that lights up and makes music!"  His mom is NOT happy and let's him know it.

But he can't stop thinking about that reindeer squeaky toy that lights up and makes music.  Then he gets an idea.....
Join Jasper and and his best buddy, Noodles, the white cat with black polka dots, as they they scramble against time to get a letter to to Santa before Christmas Eve!


Jasper has made hundreds of new friends with children living in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, China, England, Canada and many more exciting places throughout the U.S. and abroad far from his backyard in California!
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Meet the author:   
           Lisa Joy Lappin-

"The greatest joy of my career as a teacher has always been to inspire children with a love for reading.  I hope you enjoy reading about Jasper as much as I have enjoyed writing about him!  I wish to thank my former students whose feedback helped me to make this book the best that it could be."

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            Jasper and Noodles Meet Santa!

     Jasper trotted into his yard and barked over the fence, “Noodles, just six more days till Santa comes!”  He heard a clicking sound and started leaping for the branch overhead.  “Get out of my tree Roxie!”
    “Do you know how silly you look with your ears flapping up and down?”  She nibbled an acorn in her paws and let its shell drop on his snout.  “By the way, Santa doesn’t come to dogs.”
     Jasper’s whole body shook.  He showed his teeth.
     “Even if Santa did come to dogs, he wouldn’t bring you anything.  You’re always in trouble.  I saw you sneaking in your mom’s bed when she wasn’t looking.  She was hopping mad!”  
     “Stop spying on me!” 
      Noodles jumped on the fence between their yards.  “Jasper, just ignore Roxie.” 
     “Santa doesn’t come to cats either,” said Roxie with a swish of her tail.  “Especially not white ones with black polka dots!”
     “Or squirrels!” barked Jasper.
     Noodles shrugged and jumped back into his yard.  Jasper hung his head and went through the huge doggy door into his house.  His brother was putting on a red jacket.  Noodles’ sister, Patty, was sitting on the sofa beside him.  She opened her red purse and took out her I-pad. 
    “Look!  It says pets are allowed at the mall today for pictures with Santa.  Show your mom and maybe she’ll bring Jasper.  My mom said Noodles is coming!” 
     “Patty, it’s not April Fool’s Day.”
      She put the I-pad in his hands.  “See for yourself!”
     “It’s true!  Mom, can Jasper come with us too!” 
     “Do you think I could leave this big boy behind?” she laughed.  Jasper jumped up and down and ran to wait at the door. 
    When Noodles’ mom arrived, they all hurried into the yellow van in Jasper’s driveway.  “I’m going to meet Santa!” barked Jasper out the window.  He hoped Roxie was watching from one of her branches.  Noodles sat on Patty’s lap and purred.
     “Jasper, stop carrying on or Santa won’t fill your stocking.  Behave yourself like little Noodles!  His stocking will be full for sure!” laughed his mom.
    Noodles lifted his head.  Roxie was lying! 
    Jasper imagined his stocking.  What toy should I ask Santa to bring me? When they arrived at the mall, Jasper’s mom fastened a red leash to his collar.  How embarrassing!  Why doesn’t Noodles’ mom make him wear one?  Jasper’s face grew hot.  He was glad Roxie wasn’t around.  
     A long line of children waited for their turn to sit on Santa’s lap.  Jasper chuckled at a small, white poodle dressed in a Santa outfit.  “Noodles, aren’t you glad our moms didn’t dress us up?
     “Look Jasper, there’s a pet store,” said his mom.  She rubbed him behind his ears.  “Let’s take a look inside.”  A stuffed reindeer sat on top of a basket of toys.  Jasper reached his mouth for it and gave it a squeak.  Its red nose lit up as it began to play a Christmas song.  Jasper had never felt or heard anything so wonderful.  It’s the perfect size for my mouth!
     “Come on boy, you’re not supposed to touch the toys!  Let’s go!” said his mom.  He let go of it but would not budge.  “Come on Jasper!”  He looked over his shoulder as she yanked him away.  I will tell Santa that I want that toy!  
     When they got to the front of the line, Noodles’ mom said, “I would like a picture of my cat sitting on his sister’s lap!” 
     I’m too big to sit on my brother’s lap, worried Jasper.  Will I get to talk to Santa, too?
     “Next!” called a lady elf.  Santa stood up to stretch and check his list.  Jasper raced toward him.
     “Ohhhhh, my foot!” cried Santa. 
     “Jasper!” shouted his mom.  “You’ve hurt Santa!”
     Santa ran his hand over his beard and sat down. “I’ll be okay.  Now then, big doggy, what would you like for Christmas?” 
    Jasper’s plopped his front paws on Santa’s lap, stared into his eyes, and barked.  I want a reindeer squeaky toy that lights up and makes music!
     Santa laughed, “Okay, I think we can get you that.  He said he wants a big dog bone.”  Santa winked at Jasper’s mom.
     Jasper licked Santa’s hand, threw his head back and screamed.  No, that’s not what I said!  I want a reindeer squeaky toy that lights up and makes music! 
     “Stop howling in Santa’s ear!” said his mom.  All the parents, pets, and children stared.
     But I don’t want a dog bone!  He started to say it again.
     “Not another sound!”  Her eyes were angry and her cheeks were bright red.
     Jasper closed his mouth and put his head down.  When they got outside, she pointed her finger at his long snout.  “Jasper Lee Patrick, listen to me!  If you don’t behave better, the only thing you’ll find in your stocking is a big rock!” 
     Jasper hung his head and licked her hand to say he was sorry.  If she had known what I wanted, she could have told Santa and I wouldn’t have been naughty.  He sat very still in the van and did not make a sound all the way home. 
     Jasper walked straight to his doghouse for a nap and had a wonderful dream about the reindeer toy.  It lit up and squeaked music when he chewed on it.  His mom was petting him and saying, “Merry Christmas!”  When he woke up, he felt very sad.  There must be a way to let Santa know what I really want!
     “Soooo, I bet you got in trouble!” said a little raspy voice from the hollow of the tree.  “You’ve never been so quiet.” 
     Jasper stuck his head out of the doghouse door and barked.  
     “Go away Roxie!”
     Roxie ran back and forth on the branch above his head, clicking her tongue and swishing her bushy tail.  Jasper opened his mouth to shriek but stopped himself.  He did not want a rock for Christmas.  Soon enough, she yawned, shrugged, and scampered away. 
     Once she was out of sight, Jasper called, “Noodles, where are you?”
     “Right here.  Look up!” 
     “I have an idea!”
     “What is it?”
     “We can write Santa a letter!  Find a picture of a reindeer squeaky toy in dumpsters or at the recycling center.  We’ll send it to Santa at the North Pole.”
     “Bad idea!  You don’t know how to spell your name.  You’ve never been to school!”
     “Look!” said Jasper, and pointed his paw toward his dog bowl where his name was written in big black letters: JASPER.
     Noodles put his paw up.  “Brilliant idea, Jasper!  There’s a red marker on Patty’s desk.  We can get Roxie to write your name with her little paws.”
     “Count me out,” rasped Roxie from the hole in the tree where she’d been hiding.  “I’ll have no part of this!”
     “Come on Roxie,” said Noodles.  “It’s Christmas time.”
     “Where’s your Christmas spirit?  Help big Jasper!”
     “No, he’s mean to me.”
     “If you’ll write my name,” said Jasper, “I promise not to bark at you for the rest of the year.”
     “Two weeks?  Make it a whole year and I’ll think about it,” said Roxie.  “But you’re wasting your time.  Santa doesn’t bring toys to dogs and cats!”  She darted away.  
     Jasper opened his mouth to bark and then closed it.  “Or to squirrels,” he muttered. 
     “Roxie has a heart.  I bet she’ll do it,” said Noodles.  “I need to find the picture.  Give me a couple of hours.”
     “Thank you, Noodles!” said Jasper.  He curled up in his doghouse and felt hopeful for the first time since he left the mall.  He soon fell asleep and dreamed he was holding the toy.  When he awoke, Noodles sat in front of him, peering into his open mouth.  He had a strange look on his face.  “Did you get the stuff we need?”  
     “No, I…”
     “What?  How will Santa know what I want?”  He was about to let out a yowl of disappointment.  He saw his mom looking at him from the kitchen window and closed his mouth.
     “I didn’t find a picture of a reindeer squeaky toy, but I found something else,” said Noodles.
     “What?”  Jasper perked up his ears.  “A pile of bones?”
     “A puppy,” whispered Noodles.  “I found a homeless puppy.”
     “She lives behind the trash barrels in an alley across town.”
     “She doesn’t have a doghouse?”  Jasper’s ears fell.
     “No, and she doesn’t have a mom to feed her.  She looks very thin and weak.”
     “Oh, how sad!”
     “It’s very windy there,” added Noodles.  “I can’t imagine sleeping outside every night.” 
     “This is terrible,” agreed Jasper.  “Where is her mom?”
     Noodles shrugged.
     “Take her my red blanket,” said Jasper.
     “But Jasper, that one is your favorite.”
     “It doesn’t matter.  She’s just a little puppy.”
     Noodles took one end of the blanket in his teeth and jumped onto the back fence.  The blanket waved for a moment like a red flag before he disappeared.  Jasper had an urge to scream, “Wait! Come back!”  Then he thought of the puppy shivering in the cold night and stayed quiet.
     Jasper’s mom opened the back door. “Sneaky cat!  Where is he going with Jasper’s favorite blanket?”
     The next morning, Jasper decided to send the puppy a gift from his toy basket.  He carried his squirrel squeaky toy to the middle of the yard, barked once, and went back inside.  Noodles scrambled over their joint fence, grabbed it in his mouth and scaled the back fence.  Jasper’s mom yelled, “I’m going to tell your mom! Where are you going with Jasper’s favorite toy?” 
     Jasper looked up at her.
     “Poor doggy!  You haven’t eaten a bite of your breakfast.  Is he upsetting you?”
     Jasper walked to his bowl and pretended to eat.  When she walked away, he stopped and lay back down.  After a while Noodles returned and grabbed a mouthful of his food.  Jasper wagged his tail.   Noodles fled across the yard and over the fence.
     “This is too much!” Jasper’s mom cried from behind the door where she was hiding.  “I’ve never seen anything like it!  What’s wrong with you Jasper?  Why are you allowing this?”  She hurried out the gate in their backyard.  Jasper followed after her.  She hid behind a bush in the back alley until Noodles jumped out of the tree.  She crept after him.  Jasper heard her whispering to herself, “I thought Noodles was a nicer cat than this! Wait till I tell Jessica. Five days before Christmas and he acts like this!”
     When Jasper’s mom turned the corner, she stopped and leaned forward.  Jasper leaned forward too.  A high pitched little bark came from behind a looming trash barrel.  She stepped closer.  Jasper tiptoed behind her.  A skinny, black puppy was sitting on a red blanket with Jasper’s squirrel squeaky toy beside it.  It wagged its small tail as Noodles put the chewed up food into its open mouth.
     “Oh, my sweet Jasper was sharing his blanket, his toy, and his food!” 
     Jasper touched her hand with his wet nose. 
     She turned around and gasped, “Jasper!”
     Noodles looked up in surprise.
     “I’m sorry I yelled at you, Noodles.  Now I understand.”  She scratched him behind his ears and stretched out her hand to the puppy.  It shivered and stared at her with small, brown eyes.  “I’m finding you a home.”  The puppy rested its tiny head in her hand. 
     On their way home, Jasper’s mom stopped to knock on the door of a green house.  She talked for a few minutes with a woman while Noodles and Jasper waited.  Then she handed her the puppy.  It was still wrapped in Jasper’s red blanket.  Jasper’s mom came back smiling.  Noodles purred and rested against her leg.  She scratched his ears again and patted Jasper’s head.
     When it was time for bed, Jasper’s mom put out some milk and cookies out for Santa.  “Jasper!  You’re such a good boy.  Have a couple of your favorite peanut butter crunch cookies.” 
     He gobbled them down in two bites.  After Mom went to bed, Jasper eyed the rest of the cookies.  He wanted to lick the plate clean, but he was a good boy.  His mom had said so.  Jasper curled up in front of the fireplace so he could catch a glimpse of Santa.  He had been so busy helping the homeless puppy that he forgot to write the letter to Santa.  Somehow the reindeer squeaky toy didn’t seem so important anymore.  Jasper hoped that Santa would bring him that big bone he had promised.  He fell asleep thinking about the little, black puppy safe and warm in her new home.
     The next morning Jasper woke up to the sound of his mom’s voice singing through the house, “Santa came!”  He had been so tired that he hadn’t heard Santa drop down the chimney.  He ran to his mom and leaned against her leg. 
     “Jasper! Look what Santa brought you!” 
     He jumped up and raced his brother to the chimney.  He stuck his long snout into the huge stocking with a J written on it.  The reindeer squeaky toy!  When he squeezed his gift, its nose lit up as it played a beautiful song.  Oh, you better watch out!  You’d better not cry! You’d better not pout, I’m telling you why!  Santa Claus is coming to town!
     Jasper dashed out the backdoor.  Noodles sat in the tree chewing a mouse squeaky toy.  Jasper and Noodles put their toys down and cried, “Merry Christmas!” 
     “How did Santa know what I wanted?” said Jasper. “I never sent the letter.”
     They heard Roxie laugh.  “Don’t be silly.  Santa doesn’t come to dogs or cats!”
     “Oh, yes he does!” shouted Noodles and Jasper.  They ran and played in their yards until their moms served Christmas dinner.

   All rights reserved       copyright 2014   USA

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