Jasper and Noodles    
         Meet Santa!

Jasper and Noodles can't believe their luck!  They get to go to the mall with their human family to meet Santa!  On the way, Jasper sees a reindeer squeaky toy in the window of a dog toy store that he simply must have!  It is the perfect size for his mouth! It even lights up and makes music!  When it is his turn to get his picture taken with Santa, Jasper tells him his Christmas wish.  But Santa doesn't understand what Jasper is barking about.  And that's when the trouble begins. Jasper throws a dog fit in the middle of the mall, howling in frustration.  "I don't want a bone!  I want a reindeer squeaky toy that lights up and makes music!"  His mom is NOT happy and let's him know it.

But he can't stop thinking about that reindeer squeaky toy that lights up and makes music.  Then he gets an idea.....
Join Jasper and and his best buddy, Noodles, the white cat with black polka dots, as they they scramble against time to get a letter to to Santa before Christmas Eve!


Jasper has made hundreds of new friends with children living in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, China, England, Canada and many more exciting places throughout the U.S. and abroad far from his backyard in California!
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Meet the author:   
           Lisa Joy Lappin-

"The greatest joy of my career as a teacher has always been to inspire children with a love for reading.  I hope you enjoy reading about Jasper as much as I have enjoyed writing about him!  I wish to thank my former students whose feedback helped me to make this book the best that it could be."

Help draw pictures of Jasper, Noodles, and Santa! Send them as a jpg to [email protected] and we will post your art on the page!   Have fun and use your imagination!

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Friday, January 29, 2016